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Smethwick 46th International Exhibition of Photography 2021
Entry now open, Go to our International Site HERE

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Digital Skills Online Series

Watch this space for further technique group meetings.

Thursday Club Meeting

Next Thursday (10th September 2020) We have a talk, ‘The Full Monty’ by Steven Fairbrother. His talk is predominantly wildlife and landscape photography, but also including drone, aviation, macro and architectural images, this talk aims to have something for everybody. It also includes videos taken with a DSLR and drone.
You’ll hear the stories behind the images, what I was hoping to achieve and how I went about it. As a helpful guide, camera settings accompany each image

Zoom meeting starts at 7.30pm (members can join to chat), programme begins at 8.00pm Donations from members and tickets for guests see below.

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Colour PDI competition 27th August

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The slide show above is of our recent Colour PDI competition. Images are in random order

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  • Results for the online Colour PDI competition on 28th August, can be seen HERE
  • Mono PDI Competition 30th July, results HERE
  • Awards of the recent ‘online’ Colour PDI Competition HERE
  • All the images of the ‘online’ Colour PDI Competition HERE
  • Want to send new or updated member galleries? Have a look HERE for instructions.

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