Editing techniques for portrait, figure and people

In this session our three well-known members Tim Pile, Mike Sharples and Roger Parry will share an insight into their editing workflow with a focus on portrait, figure and people.

TIM PILE – Tim tries to do most of his processing in LightRoom, and then uses PhotoShop for more detailed tidying up. In general his images are pretty straight, so he is trying to reproduce what he saw and how he felt when taking the shot, and subtly drawing the viewers attention to the model.

MIKE SHARPLES – Mike takes all his images in raw and 90% of the time in manual mode, selecting the ISO as required. He takes all his images into Photoshop via Bridge. All post production is carried out in Photoshop and using NIK Software and Topaz but very sparingly and carefully building up the image slowly. Also using black layers in controlling high lights and to darken down selected areas. He paints with the light to draw the viewer to the most important parts of the image.

ROGER PARRY – Roger tends to only use Bridge and Photoshop. Importing images in RAW format, he works on basic adjustments before converting to tiff. He then carries out final adjustments in Photoshop and sometimes selected plugins. Roger only carries out very minor adjustments to his images, dealing with blemishes and tones.

Zoom meeting starts at 7.30pm (members can join to chat informally).

Programme begins at 8.00pm.

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Left – Tim Pile, Right – Mark Sharples