Dragon in Monochrome by Margaret Salisbury

Thursday 4th March 2021 we have a talk by Margaret Salisbury

This talk will be “pictures in monochrome” – many different Genres including:-|
Landscapes, Seascapes, Trees, Creative, Animals, Nature, Travel, Documentary, and my favourite genres:- “Pictorial” and People in their Environment.

The talk will include how I approach the subject, the choices we have when taking/making pictures, techniques used, Monochrome Prints, choosing the paper and presentation, for the image. I will show and talk about my personal feelings about pictures and why I think Monochrome is so appealing for so many subjects.  As always there will be the stories to go with the pictures.
The presentation is in two halves of 50 minutes each with a short break in half way through, with time for Questions or chat, if required, after the talk.

Zoom meeting starts at 7.30pm (members can join to chat informally).

Programme begins at 8.00pm.

Members are encouraged to donate a £3 entry fee via the front page.

Guests can purchase £3 tickets from the following button: