Touching the Light by Ken Scott ARPS

Thursday 1st April 2021 We have a talk by Ken Scott entitled ‘Touching the Light’

I have rarely if ever been anywhere with the sole intention of making photographs. Over nearly forty years I have discovered that if I experience a place fully, then meaningful photographs follow naturally.

My photography grew up in the mountains of the UK, where I taught myself to respond to the rhythms of the land and the light, working instinctively with the landscape and intuitively with simple cameras, inspired by the work of the late and great Galen Rowell. My own brand of ‘mountain light’ photography became “Touching the Light”.
In this landmark presentation, I share with you some principles and stories for BEING in the landscape, for becoming attuned to light, for going with your own flow as a photographer, and I will bust a few myths, so it comes with a small health warning.

Landscape photographers always research and find the best locations, wait for the light, set up a heavy tripod and wait, right? Not right. This is about travelling light, getting off the beaten track and responding to what is happening, in the moment, right here above your head.
The photography includes the mountains of the UK, where it all grew up, plus the Pyrenees, southern Spain, North America, and more intimate nature studies made as part of my ongoing Project Infinity.
Break the mould and Touch the Light with me.

Zoom meeting starts at 7.30pm (members can join to chat informally).

Programme begins at 8.00pm.

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Beinn Eighe, Torridon, Scottish Highlands. Winter.