Critique Night 4

On Monday 24th May it’s time for a Critique Night again 🙂 As part of our digital skills series, we bring you an evening of insightful discussion of how to improve your images. Tonight Dave Lowe and Peter Gennard will be joining Judith & Roger.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION MATTERS. Please have three images ready for the night, numbered 1, 2 and 3. We will do multiple rounds depending on how many people bring images along to discuss. Make sure your image 1 is the one you want discussed the most, and 3 the least. We might get round to all 3, but we might also just manage 1 or 2. We are looking forward to a great variety of images. If you want to add a 4th image, go ahead!

Zoom meeting starts at 7.30pm (members can join to chat informally).

Programme begins at 8.00pm.

The digital skills series is included in the membership subscription, no need for entry fee donations.

For non-members, please click here for guest tickets: