Street Photography, David Fieldhouse

Thursday 2nd September 2021 we have a live talk by  David Fieldhouse entitled “Street Photography”

The presentation is 60% street photography, 30% urban landscapes and 10% traditional landscapes, so plenty of variety for you members to get their teeth into. It’s the story of how and why I first attempted street photography (coming from a purely landscape background). A delve into what street photography actually is. Some guidelines on laws and a chat abut ethics. Some inspirations, living and dead. The second half of the presentation will be about shooting the urban landscape.

This event is in the clubroom after an extensive shutdown due to Covid
We are thrilled to be back, and furthermore we will also be broadcasting to members who cannot attend the club on our new live streaming service on the website

To watch by live streaming you must be registered and logged in and purchase a ticket. For information go to our Streaming page HERE


Programme begins at 8.00pm.