Wild Islands: the Nature of the Falklands by Mark Sisson

Thursday 30th September 2021 we have a live talk by  Mark Sisson entitled “Wild Islands”

Wild Islands: the Nature of the Falklands

From dramatic cliffs crammed with albatross nests, to remote sandy beaches that greet a returning penguin to their shores, the nature of the Falklands is that of diverse and truly wild islands. Renowned professional wildlife photographer Mark Sisson fell in love with them and their inestimable wildlife when first visiting almost a decade ago and has explored them ever since, looking to capture those special visual moments that portray their soul. This talk will take you on and maybe even prepare you for your own journey of discovery here and accompanies his new book of the same title, a body of work that will also support the key endeavours of ensuring their future through Falklands Conservation.

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Programme begins at 8.00pm.