Members successes in the Bristol International Salon

The following list shows our members acceptances and medals in the recent Bristol International Salon 2022

Medals; John Holt GPU Silver Medal plus 1 acceptance
Michael Windle PAGB Silver Medal
Judith Parry PAGB Gold Medal plus 1 Acceptance
Roger Parry FIAP Gold Medal plus 1 HC and 1 Acceptance
Peter Gennard 1 Ribbon plus 1 HC and 6 Acceptances
David Lowe.  FIAP Bronze Medal,  7 Acceptances
Dave Airston    ! HC plus 4 Acceptances
Colin Close        4 Acceptances
Alison Fryer       4 Acceptances
Dinah Jayes       3 Acceptances
Terry O’Connor  1 Acceptance

A great result for these members