Members successes Midphot

The following list shows our members acceptances and medals in the recent Midphot
You will see that members gained 162 acceptances and coupled with the medals was a great result for the club

4 Alison J Fryer Open Colour Sitting Pretty  
  Alison J Fryer Open Mono Dreamy  
  Alison J Fryer Scapes Selwicks Bay  
  Alison J Fryer Scapes Groynes in Swirling Sea  
4 Andy Fryer Open Colour Boiler House  
  Andy Fryer Open Mono End of an Era Highly Commended
  Andy Fryer Open Mono Abandoned Mess Room  
  Andy Fryer Scapes Winter Light on Ancient Oaks  
3 Angie Tucker Open Colour Spoilt for Choice  
  Angie Tucker Open Mono Street Urchin  
  Angie Tucker Scapes Lakeside  
8 Dave Airston Open Colour Elegance in the Window  
  Dave Airston Open Colour Touch Down  
  Dave Airston Open Mono Boys Will Be Boys Mono  
  Dave Airston Open Mono E Type in Full Flight  
  Dave Airston Open Mono Good Time Mister Mono  
  Dave Airston Open Mono Just Good Friends Mono  
  Dave Airston Open Mono Rain Meister Mono  
  Dave Airston Open Mono Rochelle Mono  
4 David Keel Open Colour BMX Junior Championship  
  David Keel Open Mono Horse Power  
  David Keel Open Mono Strolling Past the Columns  
  David Keel Open Mono Mami Sato Jumps Into the Lead  
8 David Myles Nature Projected Pair of Silver Studded Blues  
  David Myles Nature Projected Brown Hare Cleaning  
  David Myles Nature Projected Fungi on Silver Birch  
  David Myles Nature Projected Mycena PAGB Gold Medal
  David Myles Nature Projected Dryads Saddle MCPF Ribbons
  David Myles Nature Projected Dew Covered Marbled White  
  David Myles Nature Projected Black Tailed Skimmers Mating in Flight Highly Commended
  David Myles Nature Projected Brown Hare Study  
8 David Wheeler Open Colour You Did What?  
  David Wheeler Open Colour The Boiler Man MCPF Ribbons
  David Wheeler Open Colour Confrontation  
  David Wheeler Open Mono Not Good Enough  
  David Wheeler Open Mono The Engineer  
  David Wheeler Open Mono Waiting for Friends  
  David Wheeler Open Mono Helpful Advice  
  David Wheeler Scapes Trebarwith Seascape  
3 Dawn Osborn Nature Projected Mountain Goat Kids Selector Medal
  Dawn Osborn Nature Projected Redwing Singing in Rain  
  Dawn Osborn Nature Projected Snow Bunting with Insects and Larvae  
9 Dinah Jayes Open Colour Dancing Alone  
  Dinah Jayes Open Mono Apprehensive  
  Dinah Jayes Scapes Brooding Mountains Near Reine  
  Dinah Jayes Scapes Distant Mountains MCPF Ribbons
  Dinah Jayes Scapes Early Morning Lofoten Islands  
  Dinah Jayes Scapes Evening Light on Sea Ice  
  Dinah Jayes Scapes Sea Ice  
  Dinah Jayes Scapes On the Edge of the Fjiord  
  Dinah Jayes Nature Projected Wild Cat and Kitten  
9 Hilary Roberts Open Colour Strange Encounter Highly Commended
  Hilary Roberts Open Colour The Widow  
  Hilary Roberts Open Colour Wedded Bliss MCPF Ribbons
  Hilary Roberts Open Mono A Lifetime Together Highly Commended
  Hilary Roberts Open Mono A Trouble Shared  
  Hilary Roberts Open Mono Boy with Chicken  
  Hilary Roberts Open Mono Dads Bike  
  Hilary Roberts Open Mono Living in the Past  
  Hilary Roberts Open Mono Urban Decay  
4 Judith Parry Open Colour A Gift of Roses  
  Judith Parry Open Colour Figure and Triangles  
  Judith Parry Open Mono Simplicity  
  Judith Parry Open Mono Triangles MCPF Ribbons
3 Lilliana Alani Open Colour Vilma’s Kitchen  
  Lilliana Alani Open Mono The Steam Engineer  
  Lilliana Alani Open Mono The Undertaker  
7 Mike Edwards Open Colour God is My Refuge !  
  Mike Edwards Nature Projected Female Chaffinch  
  Mike Edwards Nature Projected Togetherness!  
  Mike Edwards Open Mono In an Irish Pub (2)  
  Mike Edwards Open Mono The Parlour  
  Mike Edwards Scapes Atlantic Storm  
  Mike Edwards Scapes Henningsvaerstraumen (3)  
28 Mike Sharples Open Colour A Moment to Reflect Highly Commended
  Mike Sharples Open Colour Dot MCPF Ribbons
  Mike Sharples Open Colour Incensed  
  Mike Sharples Open Colour Little Turtle  
  Mike Sharples Open Colour Time to Reflect  
  Mike Sharples Open Colour Viv the Spiv  
  Mike Sharples Open Colour Waiting  
  Mike Sharples Open Colour Yvette  
  Mike Sharples Open Mono Dream Taker Highly Commended
  Mike Sharples Open Mono Harlequin  
  Mike Sharples Open Mono Jake Poly and George  
  Mike Sharples Open Mono Lizie  
  Mike Sharples Open Mono Matt Adams Blacksmith  
  Mike Sharples Open Mono News Break  
  Mike Sharples Open Mono School Master MCPF Ribbons
  Mike Sharples Open Mono The Love That Was  
  Mike Sharples Scapes Icelandic Blacksand Beach Highly Commended
  Mike Sharples Scapes Icelandic Skys  
  Mike Sharples Scapes Kirkjufell Winter Light Highly Commended
  Mike Sharples Scapes Vestrahorn Breaking Dawn  
  Mike Sharples Scapes Vestrahorn Morning Light Highly Commended
  Mike Sharples Scapes Vestrahorn Sunset  
  Mike Sharples Nature Projected Bird of Prey  
  Mike Sharples Nature Projected Buzzard with Kill  
  Mike Sharples Nature Projected Kestrel Quarry  
  Mike Sharples Nature Projected Kestrel 2  
  Mike Sharples Nature Projected Kestrel 3  
  Mike Sharples Nature Projected Kestrel with Mouse  
7 Paul Hayward Open Colour Communing with Nature Highly Commended
  Paul Hayward Open Colour Tango  
  Paul Hayward Open Colour Warriors Selector Medals
  Paul Hayward Open Colour Tango3  
  Paul Hayward Open Mono My Fair Lady  
  Paul Hayward Open Mono Rock,rock,rock  
  Paul Hayward Open Mono The Light from Above  
14 Paul Keene Open Colour Swans and Frosted Bullrushes  
  Paul Keene Open Colour Natalie & Badger in Frost  
  Paul Keene Open Colour Swans and Moon MCPF Ribbons
  Paul Keene Open Colour Odette and the Horse  
  Paul Keene Open Mono Dawn Fisherwoman  
  Paul Keene Open Mono Snowy Carriageway Coombe Hill  
  Paul Keene Open Mono I’M Yours  
  Paul Keene Open Mono Hafflingers – Fenced in  
  Paul Keene Open Mono Forward March MCPF Ribbons
  Paul Keene Scapes Firehole Drive 2692 MCPF Ribbons
  Paul Keene Scapes The Palouse at Harvest Time 9940 Selector Medal
  Paul Keene Scapes Lake Bled Alpenglow 0909  
  Paul Keene Nature Projected Fox in Snow 6559  
  Paul Keene Nature Projected Waxwing 4053 Highly Commended
7 Peter Gennard Open Colour Back from the Crusades  
  Peter Gennard Open Colour Jacob  
  Peter Gennard Open Colour The Last Resort Highly Commended
  Peter Gennard Open Mono In the Doorway  
  Peter Gennard Open Mono Conflict  
  Peter Gennard Open Mono The Home Coming  
  Peter Gennard Open Mono The Poor and Needy MCPF Ribbons
6 Peter Siviter Open Colour Big Brother  
  Peter Siviter Open Colour Just Like Bowie  
  Peter Siviter Open Colour Mothers Love  
  Peter Siviter Open Colour Patches  
  Peter Siviter Open Colour The Prisoner  
  Peter Siviter Open Colour Triple Cross PAGB Gold Medal
4 Ray Allen Open Colour Foal  
  Ray Allen Scapes Kenilworth Castle  
  Ray Allen Scapes Storm Raging  
  Ray Allen Scapes Trebarwith Strand  
6 Roger Parry Open Colour Carla  
  Roger Parry Open Colour On the Spiral  
  Roger Parry Open Mono Contemplation Mono  
  Roger Parry Open Mono Naked World  
  Roger Parry Open Mono Carla and Sarah  
  Roger Parry Open Mono Waiting for the Lift  
2 Tony Gervis Open Mono Chandelier at Sultans Temple  
  Tony Gervis Open Mono Worms Eye View of the Chandelier at the Sultans Temple  
3 Trevor Swann Open Colour Another Day over  
  Trevor Swann Open Colour Prayer  
  Trevor Swann Open Colour Time Traveller  
4 Van Greaves Scapes Fairholme Range Reflected in Vermillion Lake Banff NP  
  Van Greaves Scapes Rifugio Lagazoui  
  Van Greaves Open Mono Forward Together  
  Van Greaves Nature Projected Red Grouse Flying  
7 Warren Alani Open Colour Class Mates MCPF Ribbons
  Warren Alani Open Colour Fatema  
  Warren Alani Open Colour On Your Bike  
  Warren Alani Open Mono Another Day Highly Commended
  Warren Alani Open Mono Still Standing  
  Warren Alani Open Mono Twist & Turn  
  Warren Alani Open Mono Unmoved