Best of year Competition on 8th December.

Thursday 8th December 2022;  We have our Best of the Year Competition Judge is Chris Palmer

Details of entry as follows:-

What defines ‘Best of the Year’? The images you enter can be the ones that have scored best for you, or they can be your favourite pictures of the year. So, they need not have won a place in one of the Monthly competitions.
The event is intended for work that you have used in the club competitions in 2022. So, the main criteria is that you must like the picture yourself.
Remember if you use a new image, you cannot re-use it in the same format next year.

How Many Can I enter?
You may enter 2 Pdi and 2 Prints which can be Mono or Colour or a selection of both.
Please enter the images in the sections you are normally in so say you are in one section for prints and another forPDI please use the correct sections.

Entry is now open and will close on Sunday 4th December

To watch by live streaming you must be registered and logged in and purchase a ticket. For information go to our Streaming page HERE

Programme begins at 8.00pm.

Recent awarded image by Van Greaves