Principles of Photography with Phil Savoie

Thursday 9th February 2023;  Principles of Photography by Phil Savoie

Principles of Photography
A photographic journey of self-improvement to create images with impact.  If you want to kick start your photo mojo this talk is it!  Learn how to up your photo game with award-winning BBC cameraman Phil Savoie.  We’ll cover topics not often discussed from eye line & the psychology of perspective, the science of lens testing & optical physics, aperture choice as a storytelling device as well as the odd location war story.  Pro tips for participants to grow as photographers; to produce higher image quality, advance storytelling skills and develop artistic acumen. Illustrated with local British images, covering all genres – wildlife, landscape, sport, people & astrophotography.  The thrust of Principles of Photography is to share years of hard-won knowledge and inspire with easy practical shooting methods that result in noticeable improvement straight away.


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Programme begins at 8.00pm.