Street Photography by Andrew Mills

Thursday  11th of May we have a talk  by Andrew Mills on Street Photography

The Why
For me it’s a universal adjunct to my experience of life. It forces me to observe…it insists that I’m present.
A sort of Zen…a “being here now”.
To practice a multifaceted skill which is constantly evolving. To record for a history…no matter how insignificant.
To comment on aspects of human behaviour and interference, political interference and negligence, issues and concerns.
Individual relationships, societal successes and failures etc…
For the simple sake of memories.

The How?
A certain verite, honesty, integrity perhaps.
Non – interference, non – manipulated is a good place to start, but rules about “what constitutes truthful “street” photography are just opinions.
Limiting yourself can be a very good exercise to help develop courage and a good sense of composition but It doesn’t necessarily create better or more honest work.
Get close.
Try using a fixed focal length prime lens for a fortnight. It’s good practice.

Starts at 8pm in the club room and on stream