Beyond Auto by Bob Brind-Surch

Thursday  1st June we have a talk  by Bob Brind-Surch

“Beyond Auto Mode – Taking creative control of your camera”- and extends to starting by looking at how digital shooting differs from film. This is very important and often overlooked as we assume digital cameras are just film cameras with a digital sensor instead of a film. We can and do continue to use our digital cameras (mirrored or mirrorless) in the same way as we did our film cameras. However even though the basic controls are the same, if we are to get the best from them, we need to understand this fundamental difference more clearly. Just as photographers like Ansel Adams encouraged us to expose film in particular ways to get the best from it we need to understand how digital cameras can help us to manage exposure to get sharper, cleaner, clearer and more noise free pictures.

Starts at 8pm in the club room and on stream