Smethwick Hosts the FIAP 2022 World Cup Awards

On Sunday 9th July, Smethwick Photographic Society were honoured to host the award ceremony for the FIAP Wold Cup of 2022.
Here are some photographs of the event..

The audience at Smethwick Photographic Societies clubroom.

Roger Parry, Smethwick Photographic Society welcomes members of the FIAP board of Directors and visitors.

Riccardo Bussi, President of FIAP, opens the presentation ceremony

Michele Macinai, World Cup for Clubs organiser announces the results.

Members of the G.F. Cupolone EFI-CAFIAP club from Italy who finished 7th receive their award.

Mike Lawrence from Oldham P.S. receives the award for 5th place.

Brian Stephenson from Rolls Royce (Derby) P.S together with other members of the club, receives the award for winning the 17th FIAP WORLD CUP FOR CLUBS 2022.

More applause for Rolls Royce (Derby) P.S.

Members of the FIAP Board of Directors.

Paul Stanley, FIPF, EFIAP/g, EsFIAP, FIAP Liaison officer for Ireland and Michele Macinai receive special awards for their services to FIAP.