The Expressive Landscape by Colin Westgate

Thursday 20th July we have a talk by Colin Westgate

‘The Expressive Landscape
Why is it that, frequently, our landscape pictures are disappointing and fail to convey how we felt when we took the shot? Quite probably it is because our images lack the mood,atmosphere or emotion we experienced at the time. The camera will capably record what is in front of it, but it cannot record how we feel. Most images will therefore need an element of interpretation and enhancement to make them ‘expressive’. Successful images are often a combination of vision and the post processing techniques that allow that vision  to be properly realised.
This talk will illustrate various methods of achieving ‘expression’, where, by the use of  mainly basic techniques, an otherwise rather ordinary image is transformed into something much more satisfying.

Starts at 8pm Colin will be presenting via zoom  and on the new stream system