Rules of Entry




There are two sections: Open AV and Photo Harmony.

Please nominate on the entry form as to which category you wish to enter. A separate entry form is required for each sequence submitted.

AV workers can enter up to 2 AV sequences, if entering 2 sequences into the same section then one of them must be marked as your best sequence should the organiser have to limit the number of entries by pre-selection.

Maximum length of Open AVs is 12 minutes, Photo Harmony 6 minutes (although it would be appreciated if sequences are shorter).

AVs submitted under the Photo Harmony section must comply with the PAGB definition of Photo Harmony (see here).

AVs must not be older than 2 years.

To enter the Festival the entrant must live in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and be alive at time of entry submission (adopted new FIAP regulation).

All entrants and those interested in Audio Visual are welcome to attend the Festival. Please indicate on the entry form if you will be attending (free entry per entrant) and how many additional tickets you may require.

Timetable of Events will be advised to entrants after closing date.


Linda Gibbs MPAGB, AV-AFIAP, Edgar Gibbs FRPS, MPAGB, AV-AFIAP (chair), John Holt ARPS DPAGB BPE5


  • Open/Narrative
  • PAGB Gold Medal for 1st Place
  • PAGB Silver Medal for 2nd place
  • PAGB Bronze Medal for 3rd place.
  • Photo Harmony
  • PAGB Gold Medal for 1st Place
  • PAGB Silver Medal for 2nd place
  • PAGB Bronze Medal for 3rd place.
  • JUDGES AWARDS for Both Sections
  • Audience Awards for both Sections.
  • The Ray Dowding Medals
  • PAGB AV RIBBONS will be awarded for Highly Commended, Best Photography, Best Sound track



Video clips may be used in your Open section AV programme but should not dominate the work. Video clips are not allowed in the Photo Harmony section.


AV programmes must be in a format (i.e. a “.exe” file) which allows them to be played on a Windows PC without the need for additional software.


It is the entrant’s own responsibility to ensure that any material visually shown or recorded on the soundtrack is covered against copyright infringement. The entrant must accept full responsibility for any disputes or litigation over copyright issues received by the organisers. It is expected that all photographs used in the AV are those of the author, unless for historical or safety reasons. If copyright music is used the entrant must quote their license details.


If the running time of the entries submitted exceeds the available time at the Festival, the Organising Committee reserves the right to pre-select AV Programmes. The pre-selection decision will be made by the Chair of the Festival Jury. If an AV Sequence is not selected to be shown at the Festival there will be no refund of the Entry Fee. The decision of the Chair of the Festival Jury is final and no further discussion will take place.


The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry that they consider in their absolute discretion, to be undesirable, unsuitable or incorrectly programmed for projection at the Festival. If this rule is evoked there will be no refund of Entry Fee. The Organisers decision is final.


The Entry Fee for one AV is £10.00 and for two AVs £15.

Payment can be made by visiting our ‘Shop’ in the menu above: Select 1 or 2 entries (sequences) as appropriate. (The ‘shop’ makes payments using Paypal).

Alternatively Payment may be made direct via PayPal to Entries received without payment will not be judged.

Cheques sent with the entry form must be made payable to Smethwick Photographic Society.


Entries may be made from Saturday 5th January 2019 and must be sent to the Festival Director, to arrive no later than 23.59 pm on the 9th March 2019. Entries and entry forms should be submitted on a CD/DVD (non-returnable) to:

Ray Dowding FRPS
31 Greenbush Drive
West Midlands
B63 3TJ

or by a file transfer program such as to

Entry forms can be completed online by following the link in the menu above.

The AV programme file name should be the title followed by your first name and surname. Proof of PayPal payment should also be included on the CD with your name as reference.

All entries will be removed from our systems once the Festival is over.


You must agree to receiving emails with regard to your entry and future Smethwick National AV Festival news to comply with GDPR legislation.

The submission of a completed entry form implies the acceptance of these ‘Rules of Entry’.

Ray Dowding FRPS

Festival Director