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The videos will be available until such times as the list grows too large, members will be notified by email when new material is available.
Email me about Lightroom queries you may have  and I will try and find suitable video.
Thanks to Smethwick Photographic Society for permitting the use of their site.

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Here is yesterdays talk (16th June) with Les Loosemore

Here is the recording of Bernard Galagher’s talk on Wednesday 21 April.

Here is the recording of the presentation by Ian Boulton on Wednesday 24th March.

Club Meeting 9th December, meeting with Mike Martin

Club Meeting 4th Nov, Monthly edits etc

Meeting with Martin Patten 28th October


Meeting with Alison Taylor 26th October, Not just lakes etc

Meeting with Cherry Lancombe 26th July, Creative Flower Photography.

Monday meeting with Dave Russell 14th October

Meeting 5th October, Monthly edits etc

Zoom lecture by Steve Myall

Zoom lecture by Paul Stanley

Club August images Monday 7th Sept.

Zoom lecture by Carol McNiven Young.

Zoom lecture by John Moore on his use of Adobe Lightroom.

Zoom Lecture by Joe Houghton, Wednesday 5th August, a  ‘must  see’

How to export in Lightroom

A work flow through editing a landscape in Lightroom. Fast forward to about 4 minutes when the presenter begins his work.

How to View before and After in Lightroom. 1min video.

How to use Luminance and Colour range masks in lightroom.

Vignette in Photoshop. Leading your viewer to where you want them to look.

The following video shows how sharpening works in Lightroom 5, Earlier or later version may be slightly different

The following video shows howNoise reduction works in Lightroom 5, Earlier or later version may be slightly different

The following is a slow paced instruction for Photoshop by Barry Beckham

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