SPS monthly members competition: entry


You can enter up to three images. Please make sure you submit to the correct Section. Members in doubt of their classification, please speak to the Secretary Roger Parry.

Submit your entry here:

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By entering your images in any members competition, you agree that they may be published (small size) on the society’s website and Facebook page.

Competition calendar 2022

See our complete programme page HERE

Summary of Rules

Image size

Please submit your images with a maximum of 1600 pixels width and 1200 pixels height.

Competition Dimensions

Print entries

  • Please bring mounted prints. Mount size: 500 x 400 mm
  • Entries should be delivered to the club a week in advance of competition night.
  • Please attach a sticker to the back stating: Name, Section, Title.

PDI entries

  • Our projection background is black.
  • Please export the image with the maximum dimensions are 1600 pixels width and/or 1200 pixels height.
  • All layers must be flattened, file format: JPEG, colour space: sRGB.
  • Please do not fill empty space or add large borders to your PDI images. A thin outline border is acceptable.


  • If an image scores any points, it can not be used in any subsequent competition except for the Members Annual Competition.
  • If an image scores no points, it can be re-submitted once more in a different competition in the season.
  • Once an Image has been used in a Competition season and any one Members Annual Competition, it cannot be used again for any SPS Internal Competitions. It can, of course, be used for external competitions.

Full set of Rules

For full set of rules, head over here:


About SPS member competitions

What competitions are there?

  • 3x Colour Print
  • 3x Mono Print
  • 3x PDI (Projected Digital Image)
  • 1x Nature (Prints & PDI)
  • 1x Annual Best of the Year Exhibition (Prints & PDI).
  • 1x Mobile Phone image

What Sections are there?

We have a Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Section.
If in any of the annual competitions there are insufficient entries, novice and intermediate sections may be combined.
If you are new or have not participated for several years, please see Roger and Judith to be assigned to a Section.

How are competitions scored?

Each Section receives points for selected entries. Points are awarded based on the awarded place of an image as follows:

  • 1st place: 5 points
  • 2nd place: 4 points
  • 3rd place: 3 points
  • Highly Commended: 2 points
  • Commended: 1 point.