ARPS Awards (Royal Photographic Society)

The Associate of The Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) award is for photographers who have started to develop a distinct style and are working with a specific kind of subject matter. The ARPS is accompanied by a statement of intent by the photographer and is given for the following categories:

  • Applied Photography inc. Documentary
  • Conceptual and Contemporary Photography
  • Film
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Multimedia
  • Natural History Photography
  • Research, Education and Application of Photography
  • Science photography
  • Travel Photography

Requirement: A panel of 15 Prints or Projected Images.

Criteria for pass: Should show more of the photographer’s style in the pictures submitted.

More information:

Warren Alani

Debbie Degge

Statement of Intent:

Street photography using in camera blur.

I observed people carrying out their activities in a small town in a variety of weather conditions, and used in camera blur to simplify reality, and provide anonymity to those in the scene. I wanted to capture these transient moments while providing an essence of abstraction.

Gerald Griffin

Dinah Jayes

Statement of Intent

This panel is my interpretation of the grace and beauty of the female form.
I have expressed this through images that portray softness, movement, drama and vulnerability.
The images in the top row are soft and dreamy with a hint of movement.
The images in the second row add a hint of colour to the panel.
The images in the third row have a more dramatic feeling.

David Lowe

Mike Sharples

Geraldine Stephenson

David Thomas

Statement of Intent

These images reflect my approach to capturing the female form, sometimes clothed or draped, more often nude. My images typically include angular or dynamic poses, often combined with the use of simple props, depth of field, or other techniques that add quirkiness or a twist to each image.

Note: My Original submission was in the Visual Art category, but the judges considered that it should be referred for judging as a ‘Professional and Applied’ panel, and this is the category under which my ARPS was awarded.

Tim Pile

Andy Thorpe

ARPS Visual Arts Assessment: 13th March 2007
Statement of Intent
Patterns and Shapes in the Built Environment
Being mostly a city dweller I am surrounded by buildings much of the time and I believe that it is important to be able to enjoy such an environment.  Of course this is not always possible due to the nature of some architectural styles and our personal preferences.  Despite this however, potentially pleasing patterns and shapes can be found on the inside and outside of some buildings.
I enjoy looking for patterns and shapes which have been created by the use of different building materials, construction methods and lighting.  If the overall design of a building is widely considered as challenging, perhaps there are detailed aspects of it which are more pleasing.  The intention of the panel is therefore to show how it is possible to isolate patterns and shapes.
The black and white medium was chosen because I believe that it helps to emphasise the patterns and shapes.  Also, many buildings tend to have monochrome exteriors and interiors, often in shades of grey.