SPS online

Welcome to our SPS online programme.

We now have a weekly live online programme scheduled for the coming months while our premises remain closed. As before, meetings are every Thursday night. The programme starts at 8.00 pm, and people can use the time before (from 7.30pm) and after to socialise and chat online.

Every week, you will receive information through our regular weekly ‘This week at SPS’ mailshot. If you do not receive this, please contact Roger or John.

1. Guest Tickets

Non-members/’visitors’ can purchase a guest ticket for £3 to support the upkeep of the club building. Please click ‘add to cart‘, scroll down again after the page refreshes and then click on the yellow ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button that appears as part of the checkout (also accepts all major credit/debit cards).

Once paid, you will receive two emails: one containing a download link (downloads automatically as Word Document) with the joining instructions and one containing the receipt.

Please note: if you do not receive the download link for your ticket within minutes of making the purchase and receiving the receipt, please check your spam folder. If you cannot find the ticket, please contact us.


We will post the next digital skills session here soon.

Thursday Evening:

SPS Thursday Lecture Guest Ticket - THU 22nd October 2020
SPS Thursday Lecture Guest Ticket - THU 22nd October 2020
Guest ticket for a lecture evening with SPS, starts 8.00pm on Zoom.
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2. Programme Schedule

The programme schedule for the coming months can be found HERE.

3. Zoom software

Meetings run on software called ‘Zoom’. This is free for all participants and easy to use. Government and universities use it, so it is tried and tested. Only membersand paying guests receive meeting info, meaning that the risk of ‘zoombombers’ joining in is near zero.

To join our meetings all you need to do is:-
If you haven’t already done so, you must download and install the ‘zoom’ app.
The download is here: https://zoom.us/support/download
When you have the ‘zoom’ app installed on your PC, laptop, iPad or phone, simply open the ‘zoom’ app on your device.
In most case you can click on the full link to enter the meeting directly, otherwise you will be presented with a BLUE selection box where you will be invited to ‘Join Meeting’.
Click on ‘Join Meeting’ where you will then need to enter your full name* , the Zoom Meeting ID and Password.
*(please enter a full name  as there are several Dave’s for instance)
DO NOT ‘Sign In’ There is no need to sign in.
The meeting ID and Password  will be sent to you by the club secretary in ample time prior to the meeting. Please check your emails regularly.

Summary Video instructions by Garry James

A brief video instruction has been prepared by our member Garry James and is entitled “How to join an SPS online meeting” which you can find by clicking HERE.
The video will open in a new browser page. 

4. On the night

An online evening is structured as follows. Please consider etiquette during the lecture, where all members are kindly asked to mute their microphones and stop their videos. Generally lower left corner of your Zoom screen.

7.30pm – Zoom opens. Members can join from this time onwards and chat amongst themselves.

>> Everyone, please mute your microphone and stop your video <<

8.00pm – Welcome from the president John Holt.

8.05pm – Programme starts.

>> Please resist the temptation to write comments or chat during the presentation <<

>> When the speaker finishes the talk, everyone will be automatically un-muted <<

Approx. 9.30pm – Club’s thanks to the speaker. Updates from John and Roger & Judith.

Approx. 9.40pm – Members can continue to talk amongst themselves if they wish