Video Lectures

Our video lectures

These videos are for Smethwick Photographic Society members only.
They are copyright material and under no circumstance must they be copied or downloaded.
Some videos will be available to view for a short while, members will be notified by email when new material is available. Check back regularly to see what’s new

To augment the video on Astrophotography below Siddique has prepared the following video on the App’. referred to; PhotoPills.

The why’s and wherefores of AstroPhotography, A presentation by Siddique Hussain and David Myles

Introduction into building a WordPress website by Sandra Starke.
The steps you need for building your own website.

Portrait & Figure, How we process our images; a recording of the technique group meeting on Monday 9th November by Tim Pile; Mike Sharples & Roger Parry.

A set of five video tutorials for Affinity users; created by member Saddique Hussain.


A presentation by John Moore on the use of Adobe Lightroom in his workflow.


A presentation by Peter Gennard and Peter Siviter describing how they create cut outs and composite images in Photoshop and Topaz

You can see our first ‘online ‘zoom’ lecture in the video below. The presentation was made by member David Lowe on how he converts his images to ‘Monochrome’ using various methods.
This video must not be shared with anyone, it is for SPS members only.

See Lecture 28th July by Jane Lazenby on using “textures” in Photoshop.

AFFINITY, how to’s from Siddique Hussain

You can see a range of Nik Plugin install videos HERE

Below are some better instructions for Windows and Mac users
Install Plugins to Affinity on a Mac.

Install Nik Plugin to Affinity on Windows.


Following our 1st online PDI competition, our member and former webmaster Garry James has done a short video instruction on how to download and install¬† ‘zoom’ and how to join a meeting. Please take a look.