Whereby Stream

Useful information for users of the SPS stream

Lectures on Thursday evenings will be streamed using the Whereby.com system. While this system is similar to Zoom it is NOT Zoom. The stream will be on the same link every week and it is on your honour to pay for the service via the donate button. The system supervisor is able to see the names of all those that join and if we feel that the name is not correct then we will eject that person from the session.

The link to join the lecture is:


Step 1

Copy this link into any web browser on any device and it will run.
(we have not found any current browser that fails to work but we cannot guarantee operation on old browsers and operating systems)
These notes are written for a desktop browser, mobile devices may vary.

Step 2

When you first access the stream each time you will be asked for your name:

Step 3

Once you have clicked "Continue" you will be shown a pop up to select your camera, microphone and speaker

Step 4

When you click "Join Meeting" you will be taken to the next screen

This screen is the main one that is used during the stream the key areas are top right of the top image and the bottom row of icons.

We will highlight the image from the club and that should make it appear at the top of you screen, as other members join the meeting their image will show at the bottom or if they are not using their camera an icon with their name will appear at the side. You will be able to talk to other members who are logged on and using their microphone. You can use the icons at the bottom to switch your microphone and camera on and off. Also there is a text chat function and you can see a list of attendees. The right hand icon lets you leave the meeting. Please do not use the Share icon as that will disrupt the lecture.

If you hover your mouse over the image from the club a small pop up will appear in the top right with Maximize and 3 dots. Clicking the Maximize will make the lecture room image occupy the full width of your browser. The 3 spots bring up another pop up that tells you the name of that stream, adjust the loudspeaker volume and make the image occupy the full screen of your display.

The system is difficult to break but we ask that you Mute your microphone during the lecture. If you would like to ask a question that can be done in the text chat.