Printing masterclass with David lowe

Next Thursday starting at 4pm Dave Lowe and Graham Hales will be presenting the first part of a printing course:

The intention is to help members new to printing set up their computer so they can confidently use the club’s Canon A3 printer or set up their own printer and produce colour and mono prints with the minimum of effort.
In this first session we will cover:
How to Calibrate your monitor
Generic and Custom paper profiles
Using the Adobe ACPU (Adobe Color Printer Utility) to a make a custom profile chart
Photoshop/Lightroom printer driver settings (Affinity settings will be covered later)
Installing paper profiles on a PC or MAC
Making a print.

Those attending will then be able to stay on to watch the evenings lecture. Please support Dave & Graham if you are interested in making prints

It will NOT be streamed or zoomed.

I will be followed by practical printing sessions on the club printer on a follow up session